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American bandogge mastiff info

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He has produced some beautiful offspring.

We are so proud of. His specs are: He is very agile and athletic.

The word "Bandogge" is the generic name for any Bulldog-type Mastiff breed. The Bandogge has a very prominent musculature and an angulation that gives the dog a very athletic and agile look.

Most are black brindle americam others colors include black, blue, red and tawny. The Bandogge is an extremely intelligent dog. It is confident and very docile.

Like all Mastiffs, they should have owners who are capable of staying dominant over the dogs. They are bandoyge usually recommended as american bandogge mastiff info choices for first-time dog owners, because they need someone who truly understands canine instinct and how to properly communicate what it is you want from.

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Although not bred american bandogge mastiff info fighting dogs, if they are with a passive owner who does not know how to communicate aggression is not acceptable, they may become dog aggressive. Some people, mainly on the East Coast, still use this dog as a fighting dog.

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Luckily, there are more folks breeding these dogs for protection than for combat. As a protection dog, they are as a whole, excellent.

They have a great deal of drive and are very tractable. The only temperament drawback to protection mastitf is their unwillingness to perform the "bark" portion of the "bark and hold.

The American Bandogge is a breed that loves attention and thrives on leadership. While they are happy to receive any attention and gladly accept whatever you give them, they absolutely need an american bandogge mastiff info who displays authority over.

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The American bandogge mastiff is american bandogge mastiff info hulking dog that stands at an average bandoggf of no less five star escorts 25 inches at the shoulder and weighs between 85 and pounds. The smooth coat may be black, blue, fawn, red and black brindle, with or without white markings. The erect ears are cropped, and the tail is tapered.

The American bandogge mastiff is loyal, devoted and protective of its family. Bandogge Mastiff Pups Mobile Al k7d80 yahoo.

American bandogge mastiff info

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We are expecting pups american bandogge mastiff info Cincinnati, due the week before xmas.

American Bandogge Mastiff Community. likes. Those who own and admire The Bandogge Mastiff and all Bully Breeds. Highlights info row image. Detailed Information on American Bandogge Mastiff, from Health to Temperment you will find the information you need on American Bandogge Mastiff. American Bandogge Mastiff & Bandog Information and Pictures - United Canine . American Bandogge Mastiff Dog Breed Information and Pictures The word.

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