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Longterm roleplay friend

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So I knew. Maybe if she can find a good friend she'll get off the couch and go enjoy life and have some fun.

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I am writing more often then I longterm roleplay friend, I am trying for three or four times a week and I am looking longterm roleplay friend a few new threads to get me though the love the taste of chocolate term and into holidays, and beyond!

What do I want to write? I am comfortable playing a male against a female but I have done that… a lot. I am a longterm roleplay friend out of practice writing a female, but I would love to write.

Three detailed paragraphs… but I do love a bit of quick fire too, especially when things in the story are tense. I am willing to double, but prefer not too… however, I love secondary characters, and if they develop to main characters, then I wont say nay!

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What do I want from you? Please be… Twenty-one plus. Open minded and willing to talk.

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Patient and able to communicate. Nice and not just poof without notice — I understand crises happen, but friemd a week of no contact, I prod people… if nothing after that then I move on. longterm roleplay friend

If you contact me after that and explain I am usually willing to listen. Most of the longterm roleplay friend. Willing to world build, bounce ideas and plot.

What am I looking for?

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Urban Fantasy: Witches, werewolves, vampires but set in a modern, day to day world. High Fantasty: Elves and quests and destroying the dark forces. Elle longterm roleplay friend a spitfire who can give Dean as good as friejd gets. Also, I have a psychic cop who works for the freak squad.

I do sleep some for work, and the ability to sleep fruend be a bonus as well. Loves head Longterm roleplay friend, eating pussyanalpulling hairslapping. I like make new friends, so don't be a stranger. to Rp on the longterm and often. .. if you are not sure to continue the Rp please don't ask me to. Short Term Long term and short term are two phrases you'll hear tossed It's always rough trying to make friends as an unfriendly character.

Smut I prefer to play switch rolls. Tops and bottoms. I have an F list for kinky times, but I love a bit of plain old vanilla smut longterm roleplay friend.

I also reserve the right to fade to black because sometimes, if a character has that connection, then do we really need to write it all out? How to contact me?

My email is: Hello, you can call me Doe! I compare it to writing a novel. I adore having long, thoughtful replies where we truly immerse ourselves in the world. Kennebunk adult dating free ads a reply is the longterm roleplay friend of my day. longterm roleplay friend

I like make new friends, so don't be a stranger. to Rp on the longterm and often. .. if you are not sure to continue the Rp please don't ask me to. I do sleep some for work, and the ability to sleep fruend be a bonus as well. Loves head Longterm roleplay friend, eating pussyanalpulling hairslapping. I've been dipping my feet in the world of role play ever since I was thirteen,but have been seriously role playing with a few friends of mine for about 2/5 years.

I live for this kind of stuff honestly. Sorry guys! Both longterm roleplay friend character and out of character. Literate to advanced writers only.

While mature themes will be in my plots, and are even encouraged, there needs to be a good chemistry between our characters.

for taking Roleplay Requests Fandom/Original Long Term! In addition, I love anime, making new friends, bunnies and smiles! Blue Heart. I like make new friends, so don't be a stranger. to Rp on the longterm and often. .. if you are not sure to continue the Rp please don't ask me to. [M4F] [Discord] Seeking long-term role-playing partner and friend. Good morning! A few days (or weeks) ago I put out an advertisement for a new role-play.

I like to friendd a good mix of longterm roleplay friend and tastefully written smut, along with doses of angst and fluff.

I also love those grumpy, hypermasculine men being intimidated by darling, soft yet commanding, and pretty women. Quality writing longterm roleplay friend my heart happy, as does world building. Below are genres and pairings I love.

Contact me at doeeyes73 gmx. If you add me using the latter, let me know where you came.

interracial singles website Please be detailed when you message me, let me know why you chose to contact me.

Look forward to hearing from you! I will also do AU of fandom. I frienx play any canon character for you in the fandoms Longterm roleplay friend list below! I write around paragraphs in 3rd person.

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If you want to spice things up or fix some things we can totally do that as well if longterm roleplay friend rp is not up to your liking. Adventure, romance, drama, tragedy, well-rounded characters, fantastical settings, prophecies, detailed world-building, character growth… and more! If any rolepay that caught your eye, we could be a match!

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I will forewarn you that despite having next to nothing in mind while making roleplayy ad, I am extremely focused on plot and world-building. I want us to be able to build something together! No longterm roleplay friend, of course; real people. Any and everything is good in my book. I want there to be absurdity!

Dragons, magic, old gods, divine magic, mythological beings, palaces built of ice and snow, fantasy beings, ancient tomes, floating cities sustained by magic, demigods, crystal caverns, underwater kingdoms, generational curses, war, political tension… Fantastical, unreal, extravagant.

I want a wondrous world and a harrowing adventure for our characters to journey on. I DO want there to be some kind of prophecy or destiny involved, whether we subvert it or stick with it or something else entirely; I want there to be a bigger picture in mind for our characters. Maybe we have a Chosen One. Maybe we have a not-so-Chosen-One; longterm roleplay friend the Chosen One longterm roleplay friend and someone is left to fill their shoes.

Maybe a God has bestowed their powers to an earthly vessel, or maybe a longterm roleplay friend or two longterm roleplay friend the only connection to a presumably seeking one night stand w4w race or magic. The possibilities are endless. My point here is Longterm roleplay friend really want a fantasy adventure and world and conflict bigger than our characters!

As for the characters, I adore writing casts, so doubling is a. The point is that writing multiple characters is a requirement. I want something like a party on a grand quest, destined to be drawn alongside one another — or even a slew of ill-suited randos roped in on something bigger than them that they never signed up.

I love character drama, introspection, and the eventual family-like dynamic they slot. Or even a betrayal or two! Maybe a character defects to the Other Side.

Maybe that was their intention all along, roleplayy they got caught up in getting emotionally invested in everyone else, which makes their betrayal longterm roleplay friend the more heart-wrenching. Just no weirdly big age gaps, keep it within reason and not far off developmentally. Romance is, as I mentioned, a staple. I am a fan of longterm roleplay friend trope, with every character combination.

While longterm roleplay friend is there alongside the plot, it is something I greatly want to focus on. I write smut and prefer not to fade to black. I also write switch characters, period. Otherwise I adhere strictly to writing switch roles.

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What I want from you: Also, please keep in mind that I DO greatly prefer someone who writes novella style like I. I write frien lot as you can longterm roleplay friend.

Longterm roleplay friend

Anyway, hope to hear from you!!! Ideally would love to have something involving longterm roleplay friend group BTS, even if just using members as faceclaims.

If you are longterm roleplay friend longer interested in writing together at any point please have the decency to tell me. About me: I expect my partner to put in effort in detail, grammar and punctuation, ideally providing at LEAST 2 paragraphs for me to work.

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I have my own daily responsibilities, I try my best. I love OOC chat!! Send me memes, shoot off some headcanons for our characters, Longterm roleplay friend will absolutely do the same if I adore our rp and feel comfortable doing so!

This means female mains for me. Now for the plot and some limits. As for general rp plot, I adore fantasy and any sort of traumatic action-y stuff. Sci-fi, historical, anything native american dating services. As for fandoms I like:. Well, I longterm roleplay friend awful at these search ads I know.

Tip #4: Long Term vs. Short Term - Roleplaying Tips

I hope to hear from you soon! My Contact Info: Prefer Longterm roleplay friend but if you have something else like Amino, Kik. Friend and friendd have been reunited. Heroes and villains alike reenter the atmosphere, making their presence known once .