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I Looking Dating Malay guy dating chinese girl

I Looking Dating

Malay guy dating chinese girl

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Welcome Guest Log In Register. Malay Guy and Chinese Girljust sharing Serious. NET forums Advertisement.

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Junior Member 13 posts Joined: Apr Hey, This is my story. For the past 3 years, i met a chinese girl, which is dzting pretty for me at.

Chinese-Malay couple enjoy the best of both worlds

So,i am a malay guy, a muslim, and she's chinese, a buddha. Probably my main charm is i could speak Mandarin lol. We are not the most religious person, but i did love her, like a lot, and there's one point, i wanted to make her my wife.

As long religion is not an issue I have a Muslim friend (he is half malay half Chinese) who marry a Chinese Christian girl. Girl never convert. And many more articles malay guy dating chinese girl missed on those couples who engaged in PDA. This time Gudji talks about the differences between dating an Indian Girl, Chinese Girl and a Malay Girl. Want to talk to Gudji? Tweet him.

But here's a thing, her mom doesnt malay guy dating chinese girl malay malay guy dating chinese girl, i dont know if its racist or the other way real bi couples, probably because she has to convert if she's marry with me, and she told me that she's not planning to convert.

For me its fine, i dont mind that we both having a separate religion, as long as we respect each other beliefs and we love each. She does love me, i know it,because we went through thick and thin. Sometimes whenever she's starving and doesn't have any money to eat, i will be there for her, even though i dont have that much money either, i put her before.

I am somehow a smart guy, i know how to survive the reason she doesnt have enough money is because most of her salary she gave it to her mother. She will do the same thing too, and we are together for 3 years. During those 3 years together, we broke up once or twice, mainly because her mother kept pressuring her single parent. In our early year of relationship,she tried to kept our relationship a secret,because she doesnt want her mom to find out, so no picture malay guy dating chinese girl us together on social network etc, i am totally fine with that, because i as brown dating site adult, i dont think that's malay guy dating chinese girl, but then her mother found out about us, and since then our relationship went from good to worst.

I am a guy who always communicate when i am in a relationship, but shes not, she's always kept all the problem with herself, that's sucks, but i dont want to force her doing anything that shes not comfortable. And things about what her mom and her siblings told her, she wouldnt tell malay guy dating chinese girl, probably because she doesnt want to think malay guy dating chinese girl it, and we broke up after that, just like that shes no longer with me. Months after that, i decided to quit my job, because i hated giy job, i wanted to try something else, and plus i just cant see her in workplace everyday, we worked in the same department, it was too heartbreaking.

One day i found out that she's starving and doesnt have any money left to malay guy dating chinese girl, so i contacted her and i wanted to help her, malay guy dating chinese girl couldnt just leave her like that starving.

By that time, i dont have a job, i was selling food in bazaar ramadhan and money are very tight, malay guy dating chinese girl in the end i decided to give her some of the profit i made during bazaar.

She insists, she told me not to, and of course im not telling her where does the money came from, and i knew her acc number so i just transferred it secretly, she cried that night.

I really wanted her back, but she told me that she cant, she cant stand the pressure from her family. One interesting part is my family are totally fine with her, even though she has a tattoo on her missouri babes malay people sure kecambut malag family did not, the problem is with her, one night she's kind of drunk and texted me saying that shes sorry and apologise everything bad birl that she's done to me, and she wanted to pay back all the money she owes me, i said its okay, she doesnt lund mature sex forums to, because i knew if she give me the malay guy dating chinese girl shes gonna starve again or eat maggi the whole month.

I tried to win her back time and time, but she's cant, so i decided to remove her friends and her from my social media, i deactivate my instagram acc gidl i dont use it so much, and it hurts so bad, i hate that just because of religion, we cant be together, yes theres another alternative which is countries like singapore or indonesia you dont have to convert, but its not a realistic target for me as in now because i cant afford to go there, and she cant just leave her mom alone.

And i went into a depression mode, i sleep late, i dont want to do anything except lay down on my bed doing nothing, i couldnt even wake my body up to attend interviews. Over the course of few months, im trying to get back on my feet, trying to find a good job for me, but rezeki tak ade, until today i still couldnt find any suitable job, currently im working in a board games shop,trying to earn money to pay for my long overdue malay guy dating chinese girl, but everytime, i do miss her a malay guy dating chinese girl, i wish things could worked out differently casual Hook Ups Almond NorthCarolina 28702 thats life, its hard but im accepting my faith.

Malay guy dating chinese girl

And people gonna say cari la perempuan melayu kan malay guy dating chinese girl, but the thing is i dont like malay girls lol, maybe for now, i dont know. Sorry for the long post, i just felt like sharing my story and you guys can share yours as well: Card PM.

Quote Reply. Show posts by this member only Post 2. Junior Member posts Joined: Nov If u can covert, her fm wont disagree. Show posts by this member only Post 3.

Dec From: Show posts by this member only Post 4. Junior Member 48 posts Joined: Aug From: How old are you?

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Have you wondered in this 3 years, you can better yourself to what degree without her presence. Show posts by this member only Post 5.

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Nov 16 Show posts by this member only Post 6. Junior Member 25 posts Joined: Dting How come you don't like malay girl one?

TBH I found some malay girl to be quite attractive as. Malay guy dating chinese girl of course I didn't make any move because I know it prolly won't end well due to religion issue.

Show posts by this member only Post 7. I'm old school.

Malay guy dating chinese girl

I say, marry. Show posts by this member only Post 8. Show posts by this member only Post 9.

And many more articles malay guy dating chinese girl missed on those couples who engaged in PDA. Chinese girls are overrated. Why is it every time an Indian guy or a Malay guy dates a Chinese girl, everyone reacts like. "OH HE DATING. Malay guy dating chinese girl - Register and search over 40 million singles: matches and more. Join the leader in footing services and find a date today.

Show posts by this member only Post You mean you like a girl because she like you first? Or you tried liking many malay girl but non like you back? May Eh no, probably no malay girls likes me before,so i dont have any interest to try and be with them, i was educated in malay guy dating chinese girl dsting, and somehow my interest is toward chinese girls.

I Am Want Sexy Dating Malay guy dating chinese girl

Junior Member 32 posts Joined: Oct Senior Member 5, posts Joined: Jan Careful bro, if too old, no market value then become forever alone how hahaha. Junior Member 10 posts Joined: Not the first time hearing such a story and it malay guy dating chinese girl be the last. Coming from a similar background, I married overseas.

She doesn't need to convert and neither will we play by their rules datung there any longer: Of course with your current circumstances I'm not asking you to do the.

I agree with old military bayonets rest though, pursue education and build a strong foundation. Right will come along in life later. I strongly believe that I'm responsible for my own happiness and as long as your dues are being paid to your parents, your conscience is clear. Chinesr Lair. Malay guy dating chinese girl Member 47 posts Joined: Feb From: Bro, sorry for being straightforward Why is she keep starving herself?

Where did she chinesee with her salary??

I don't think she is good for you. With her, you keep paying her money and increasing your debt.

Move on la bro. Dont care about the religions, there are tons of good woman out there. Junior Member 4 posts Joined: Sep Hi Bro I may have a a way out for you if you don't malay guy dating chinese girl please contact me on Dec Senior Member 8, posts Joined: Newbie 2 posts Joined: Better Adult Dating Sex in Lilliwaup friend, hope this helps, I was in a relationship with a chinese Buddist girl before, 5 years, took alot malay guy dating chinese girl time for her parents to accept it, not including the other relatives but it too, ended.

6 days ago A Malay guy takes a Chinese girl home from a nightclub. On the bed, she says " Show me it's true what they say about Malay men." So the. And many more articles malay guy dating chinese girl missed on those couples who engaged in PDA. Throw in Malay-Muslim post-natal practices, and things get such a delicate balancing act in May after giving birth to a baby girl. In the end, the year-old had a Chinese confinement nanny brewing red date tea and.

I agree, it's hard and almost unbearable to see someone you broke up with, everyday, it's utterly drepressing. You did good by helping her, even when you don't have.

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Not everyone can say that they. Like you, I too, don't favour malay girls, just my preference.