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Nice voice seeking the name

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The old version of this guide has been moved to Seeking Mr Eaten's Name old. Note that for the purposes of this guide, various qualities are often abbreviated. Good on you!

Nice voice seeking the name

Every journey has nice voice seeking the name beginning, and for this one there are. Now what? A black-bordered card should show up All cards listed here are unlocked by increasing levels of Unaccountably Peckish abbreviated as UP.

One or more options per card can increase SMEN by one level at varying costs. All of said options are locked with Marsh-Mired in Dreams of Sustenance, so you may only use them once per week.

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Don't waste your weekly chance. In the wicker of a candle-flame, in the stir of still water, in the soft tick of hours before dawn, there is a voice.

Nice voice seeking the name Wants Sex Hookers

Listen, and it will ask. Do as it asks, and you will regret it.

More will appear as you continue to Seek the Name. Avoid blackening your mind if possible, you'll need that Watchful later.

Drowning your Secrets is cheapest but that's not saying. The options with Watchful challenges all require 0 Sudden Insights - it's too late for second chances. You will need Mr Eaten's Calling Card?

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The very fortunate might receive one from a former Seeker who no longer has use for theirs, so try asking on the forums. Only those who have asked A Question may enter the island proper.

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At Winking Isle, those hte abandon worldly cares and possessions and have persistence and luck can fast and meditate to increase their SMEN to high levels without needing vast quantities of items. This is undoubtedly a terrible idea, but you've come so far already, given so much up. Nice voice seeking the name stop now? A detailed guide to Winking Isle can be found. The general strategy is:. Winking Isle has no lighthouse.

Enter anyways, if you so desire. It will cost you no candle. This grants you your first Weeping Scar. After acquiring the first Scar, you must mark yourself further: You must commit seven betrayals betraying other players is cheapestand use seven Searing Enigmas to perform seven rituals. Once you nice voice seeking the name seven Footsteps of the False Saintsyou sfeking acquire naughty en espanol candle.

Nice voice seeking the name

Be sure to get Moon-pearls and Memories of Light first, and note nice voice seeking the name you will namme all your Carnival Tickets when you start. You'll find the candle in the House of Mirrorsbut to obtain it, you must give up something of great value: Unlocks at Seeking 27, with St Hame Candle. You must sacrifice something precious to the well to obtain this candle. Unlocks at Seeking Does not require St Cerise's Women want sex Clifftop.

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Alternatively alternatively, you and another Seeker can obtain St Destin's Candle together during Hallowmas. This will give both players the candle, while halving the sender's stats and lowering the recipient's by quite a few levels.

To obtain the candle, you must become Obscurepermanently giving up the ability to have TattoosProfessionsNotabilityAmbitionsand a Nice voice seeking the name.

Although you don't actually have to do any of seeing. You can simply acquire the candle with no penalties whatsoever.

If you prefer. Nobody will ever know—except you.

You must have the previous five candles and your own Ship. Attend six services to acquire the sixth candle. This quest comes in two parts -- the first requires St Cerise's candle, the second requires St Fortigan's.

In order to go North, you must first go South. Then you will visit the Chapel once. Returning from the Chapel of Lights leaves you with negative several billion opportunity cards.

Seeking Mr Eaten's Name (Guide) | Fallen London Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This is a bug, and can be easily fixed by going to zee, or any other location nice voice seeking the name a separate card deck. Upon reaching Seeking 77, an option from The Seeking Road can be chosen once you have all seven candles.

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At the brink you may turn back, the last chance to save yourself, or press on. The Avid Horizon content features a message from Failbetter Games explicitly requesting that nothing beyond that point be publicly shared.

That includes this wiki. Those who turn back will find themselves home with a unique item and no further consequences.

Returning automatically triggers Giving up the Search for the Name. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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