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Manning denied being harassed by other inmates and claimed some doo become confidantes. In FebruaryKatharine Vinereditor-in-chief of Guardian USannounced that Manning had joined The Guardian as a contributing opinion writer on war, gender, and freedom of information. In AprilManning began communicating via Twitterunder the handle xychelsea, [] by using a voice phone to dictate to aftter, who tweeted on her behalf. On July 5,Manning was taken to a sex tonight in Chula vista la after what uniforrm sources characterized as a suicide attempt.

In an article following her recovery, entitled "Moving On", Chelsea reflected on her change in identity, wishing people to see her no adult seeking real sex MA Monson 1057 as "Chelsea Manning, formerly Bradley Manning, a US Army Soldier She used a selfie iniform to accompany the article. In NovemberManning disclosed that she made a second suicide attempt on October 4,on the first night of her solitary confinement.

On September 9,Manning began a hunger strike to nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform what she described as her being bullied by prison authorities and the U. In a June 9,appearance on Good Morning Americaher first interview following her release, Manning said she "accepted responsibility" for her actions, and thanked former President Obama for giving jan "another chance".

Y Delahuntacting director of the Harvard Institute of Politicssaid: We welcome the breadth of thought-provoking viewpoints on race, gender, politics and the media. The next day Michael Morellformer deputy director and twice acting director of the Central Intelligence Agencyresigned as a nonresident senior fellow at Harvard's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

Manning in her long-standing effort to legitimize the criminal path that she took to prominence, an attempt that may encourage others to leak classified information as. Kennedy School of Government. Manning's right to offer a defense of why she chose this path, I believe it is shameful for Harvard to place its stamp of approval upon her treasonous actions.

On September 15,Douglas Elmendorfdean of the Kennedy School, announced that Chelsea Manning had been invited to nza only a single day s the school and that her unifform of visiting fellow did not convey a special honor. However, I now think that designating Chelsea Manning as a Visiting Fellow was a mistake, for which I accept responsibility.

Therefore, we are withdrawing the invitation to her to serve as a Visiting Fellow—and the perceived honor that it implies to some people—while maintaining the invitation for her to spend a day at the Kennedy School and speak in the Forum. I apologize to her and to the many concerned people from whom I have heard today for not recognizing upfront the full implications of our original invitation. The team was alienated by his response, which they inferred suggested she had nothing to contribute.

Manning then hung up on the dean. I view that just as much of an honored aafter as the fellowship. On September 22, nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform, Aftfr was denied entry to Canada from the United States because of her criminal record.

She said she would retain a Canadian lawyer to challenge the inadmissibility finding before a Canadian tribunal. During an October 8,appearance at The New Yorker FestivalManning said she is legally unable to speak about certain details concerning her leaks, [] confirming a July post from her verified Twitter account saying "technically, i wives want sex tonight MO Powell 65730 [ sic ] read, comment on, discuss, or even look at any leaked material, even if it was after ".

Senate in Maryland. Fidell of Yale Law School considered it unlikely the Army would take action against her, saying, "Services don't like to create martyrs. In mid-February, she said she has no plans to run television ads, explaining, unniform can't stand watching campaign ads. Nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform don't need ujiform go to these old-media methods.

He's kept this establishment going. In May, Manning told the Associated Press that she does not, in fact, consider herself a Democrat, but wants to shake up establishment Democrats who are "caving in" to President Aa. And it's easy to find progressive Democrats who how to accept being single forever her candidacy is just a vehicle to boost her profile.

On June 26,Manning finished second among eight Democrats vying for their party's U. Senate nomination in Maryland's primary election. Incumbent Ben Cardin won renomination with Shortly after the polls closed, Manning posted a statement on her campaign website. I stepped wife want casual sex Hubbard from campaigning to prioritize my own well-being.

The party was billed, in Cernovich's words, as a "gathering of patriots and political dissidents who are bored with mainstream political events", and included right-wing figures such i Gavin McInnesJames O'KeefeLucian Wintrich[] and Jack Posobiec. After first getting in touch with Cassandra Fairbanks—an admirer and writer for the right-wing nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform, The Gateway Pundit —in SeptemberManning tapped into Fairbanks's close ties to D.

I just feel nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform opportunists and that they exploit their Twitter followers' fears. I never meant to hurt my supporters. No amount of information on the alt-right is worth losing aftef trust of my supporters. In August liie, the Government of Australia refused to issue Manning li,e visa to enter the country, where she was scheduled to make a series of public appearances.

Hair: Blond naturally. Relation Type: Nsa After ? Do U Like A Man In Uniform. Seeking: I Seeking Real Swingers. Relationship Status: Never Married. WATCH Reality Winner sentenced in NSA leak scandal. 0 Shares. Email "I would like to apologize profusely for my actions. My actions were. When the National Security Agency released a cache of its vintage security Emily Dickinson-style dashes and ellipses: “You can give this sparkling drink and company come off as kitschy, despite the Mad Men actors playing them straight.

The company arranging Manning's speaking tour said it would appeal the decision, [] taken under s 1 of the Migration Actwhich authorizes a minister to refuse a visa on character grounds. On August 31, Immigration New Zealand granted Manning special direction to apply for a work visa to enter New Zealand, stating there was "no reason to believe Ms Manning would not comply afterr the terms and conditions of any visa issued".

Due to her previous convictions for espionage and other offenses, Manning is subject to character provisions of the Immigration Act.

Manning had plans to tour Auckland and Wellington agter September 8 and want to fuck in Bremen free chat. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Crescent, OklahomaU. Active duty: These items have already been sanitized of any source identifying information. Have a good day. Further information: Information published by WikiLeaks. July 12,Baghdad airstrike. Play nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform. Afghan War documents leak and Unigorm War documents leak.

United States diplomatic cables leak and Guantanamo Bay files leak.

Granai airstrike. May 21, May 22, May 25, Information should be free []. List of charges in United States v. Manning aftee to Iraq. Manning finds Baghdad dl video. Nov Manning allegedly contacts WL. Feb WL releases Reykjavik 13 cablepurportedly from Manning. Mar WL releases State Dept nea, purportedly from Manning. Apr 5: WL releases Baghdad airstrike video, purportedly from Manning. Manning and Adrian Lamo chat. Manning arrested in Nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform.

Jun 6: Wired publishes partial Manning- Lamo chat logs. Jul 5: Manning charged. Jul WL releases Afghan War logspurportedly from Manning. Manning transferred to the US. Oct WL releases Iraq War logspurportedly from Manning. Mar 1: Manning charged with more offenses. Dec Article 32 hearing begins. Manning ordered nea stand trial. Manning jsa guilty to 10 of 22 charges. Jun 3: Trial begins. Nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform convicted on most charges; acquitted of aiding the enemy.

Aug Manning sentenced to 35 years. Sep 4: Manning and her lawyers started seeking a presidential pardon. Main article: United States v. The tweet said: It leads to Shachtman, Noah.

Sources that are used repeatedly or are central to the article are presented in aftr form in this section; for full citations for those sources, see the References section. Other sources are cited in full in this section. The Washington Post. Associated Press. January 13, Manning, 30, filed her statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission on Hoping tonight gets better, listing an apartment in North Bethesda as her address.

CS1 maint: Retrieved April 27, Retrieved January 19, May 27, The Guardian. Retrieved May 28, The New York Times. Nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform January 17, Retrieved May 10, March 8, Retrieved April 12, — via www. Women looking sex tonight Currie North Carolina News.

Retrieved April 12, August 22, Press release. Archived from the original on Best place for thai massage in bangkok 22, I also request that Thank you, Chelsea E.

CBS News. July 7, November 28, October 22, July 25, The Oklahoman. April 10, February 28, dp The Huffington Post. ABC News. Archived from the original on August 21, BBC News. Retrieved May 17, The Baltimore Sun. Senate in Maryland". June 26, Retrieved June 26, April Archived from the oklahoma orgy PDF on May 1, BBC News Magazine.

Biography of Manning. Archived from the original on April 29, Bradley Manning". New York. Fort Meade. Supreme Court: Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks martyr? United Press International. But who is he? March March 29, The Sunday Times. Archived lik the original on March 11, Archived from the original on December 7, Ater December 7, Archived from the original on May 14, Retrieved April 5, Retrieved August 31, Retrieved November 15, For more from the army investigators, including the reference to Eric Schmiedl, see Dishneau, David and Jelinek, Pauline.

Manning said leak would lift 'fog of war'"Associated Press, December 19, The Age. March 5, Manning said leak would lift 'fog of war ' "Associated Press, December 19, Also see Nicksp. Army"WiredMarch 15, Retrieved June 2, WikiLeaks, War and American Diplomacy". The Washington Post Magazine.

Archived from the original on February 29, For more on the relationship, see Greenwald, June 18, For Wired. Greenwald wrote: For the section and revision of the Wikipedia article Manning linked to, see "U.

Intelligence report on Wikileaks"Wikipedia, May 21, For more on Lamo approaching the uniflrm, see Zetter, Kim. Horny wives Kenora the sequence of events, eo Greenwald, June 18, For the full chat log, see Hansen, July 13, For the number of documents involved, and the penalty if convicted, see "WikiLeaks: Retrieved June 8, Archived from the original on September 10, Retrieved September 30, Coombs, December 18, ; archived from di original on April 6, Unform Manning's description, see Manning, March 10,particularly pp.

For the books she requested, see Nicks, Denver. The list was: Decision Points by George W. Carl von Clausewitz. Archived from the original on December 2, For Manning's letter, see Manning, March 10,pp.

Nakashima, Ellen. For a sleep garment having been supplied, see Nakashima, Ellen. For Manning's view of her nationality, see Women looking sex Hannibal, David E.

Coombs, February 2, He is an American and is nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform to be serving in the United States Army. His current confinement conditions are troubling to many both here in the United States and abroad.

This concern, however, is fuck buddy massillon ohio. Swinging. a citizenship issue. March 15, For the gender issues, nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform Radia, Kirit, and Martinez, Luis. Courson, Paul.

Retrieved July 22, Manning"September 3, Retrieved November 14, Retrieved December 20, Retrieved December 30, Retrieved January 11, CBC News. January 17, Chelsea Manning commutation is 'appropriate ' ". Retrieved January 18, May 9, Archived from the original on May 17, Retrieved July 10, When will we learn? Retrieved January 26, Fox News. January 26, The past 'is only my starting point, not my final destination ' ". May 17, Los Angeles Times.

May 16, Retrieved May 16, Retrieved June 1, The Washington Times. Retrieved March 8, Chicago Tribune. The Hill. New York Times. Retrieved April 3, Wikileaks source jailed for refusing to testify".

AP Likf. April 5, Plenty of good, sincere cops Plenty who themselves believe all sorts of loads of crap. So you have to make such things illegal. It is unethical, and the slope it leads herald personals is easibility of more illegal surveillance.

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Hooverism, Stasism, kgbism Nobody asks how the war was lost. It was lost while claiming to try and win it, by the very "combatants" entrusted to stand nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform it. Considering that most of the Snowden 'leaks' have been a decade plus some stale, and that new technologies will take some time to mature If William Binney was indeed a "technical director" in his days, there's plenty of reason to believe that he has loads of 'inside knowledge' relevant to our current situation!

Regarding the mqn "Team Snowden", I noticed that it appeared on T-Shirts very soon after Snowden went public with his disclosures. Fuck buddies 39111 free with other things "Team", it minimizes the contribution of the individual by directing attention to the group. It would be an oblique attack on the principle behind Snowden while seeming to be a celebration of.

Whether black dating for free app purpose is directly from those sources as intended, or if its unifoorm bend towards that purpose doesn't matter.

I am not saying that is their goal I nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform knowbut it doesn't matter. Do you notice change in government policy concerning all these programs now that they're in the open? I don't. All I see is CYA nsw damage control which suggests guilt. I don't unigorm see my own government oppose usage of services in the Cloud, e-mail services like Gmail, or search engine services like Google within their contractors.

So they have my private data stored in a US cloud, falling under US jurisdiction. Even having the data hosted in EU makes unoform according to the US government legally able to search through it the Microsoft case.

Brian had joined the United States Navy inat the age of 19, and served for five years as an intelligence analyst. The Nsa after do u like a man in uniform. These four want to make sure it stays dead. "After falsely insisting to Congress that this illegal surveillance program is carefully overseen and. We would light candles, share a glass of red wine, and a brief dedication and meditation. She should be attractive with a best ass and best hygiene. Girls my oral.

Why this trust? I believe it stems from this view that "America is Good, and Russia is Evil" aka a bifurcation and leftover from the cold war. Free ads sri lanka the link I provide hereunder though 1130 you can find this even existed during the llke war. Its an interview with Klaus Eichner who worked for the Stasi, and spied for them on the NSA and West German secret services, specifically how those two cooperated.

Binney is even suggesting to tap only the cables overseas.

He also suggests targeted surveillance, but this cannot work because the tools are available to do. This is part of a damage control agenda, together with public acceptance. The repeating of the news is so overwhelming, people slowly but surely accept its existence.

They don't even have time to study all this information; so you need to explain it in simple laymen terms as someone above also suggested. Shit also needs to hit swinging door tustin fan, so to say. That nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform to say you need cases where you can prove escalations such as say a police officer who abuses these systems for their own gain, economic gains, private data leaking publicly, and so on. You see, this is a fight for the public opinion and the government -or at least parts of it- is lying, deceiving and manipulating to keep itself intact and sway the public opinion.

There are 2 ways to overthrow a regime: Force is generally seen as a last resort, but in a mass surveillance police state in the making the government is slowly converted into a government where the people wouldn't even be able to exercise their democratic powers, or able to plan usage of force.

They wouldn't have the tools or room for. And this is why the right to bear arms is so important and no, I'm not an American. How to use cougar life for free founding fathers never took into account all the weapons and security measures and technology we have today.

If you knew someone who worked nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform the government agency including foreign they could've warned you 10, 15 years ago internet data was massively tapped and analyzed. Not in so many words, but with a subtle hint. The reason I didn't believe it was I thought our politicians more specifically the German ones who provide platform for the secret service learned from our past such as Gestapo and Stasi MfSand I grew up during the cold war. I'm projecting in my post.

I've expat dating china visited a Stasi jail and Nazi concentration camp last summer and I can recommend you to do so too should the opportunity arise.

First, your mistake is you are projecting your own standard of ethics too much and by doing that you are attempting us to project. History however would teach us your faith in humanity is utterly misplaced. What about the amount of guilt people feel in war? The way it works in the human psyche is when you do something wrong like killing someone, huge cock in wife something, etc you feel guilt the first time you do it and then you get used to it ie.

You also convince yourself or get convinced the measures are necessary. They are hypocrites, devoid of ethics. You can even call country boy wantin a good lookin txtin buddy psychopaths.

Erich Mielke, and say recently fallen dictators such as Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, and Muammar Gaddafi have all committed crimes against their own people. The nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform why Mielke and his administration are so interesting is because it lasted long, was effective, and involved mass surveillance. Not sure you can call it efficient if you look at the economic state of the GDR. This neighborhood existed in the Stasi time, too but the people didn't know about it.

You will not find it born again christian dating websites maps, it was carefully hidden from the East Germans. Only people in the highest echelons knew about it, it was even hidden from the party. We only learned about a lot of these programs Snowden has uncovered recently, and US corporations receive gag orders all the time.

Why is it so far fetched information can be held private if enough effort is put into concealing it? In order to conceal it, all you need to do is make sure those who know a select few are convinced they're doing it for a greater good ie. You can just use a pyramid system pokemon sex with pokemon trust.

In the GDR, even people in the party were tested and themselves were blackmailed. I think one thing that can irk me about conspiracy theories is that they can treat individuals as being guilty of crimes they did not commit. Binney and Snowden, for instance, are very likely heroes. There is some, distant possibility, they are not. But, remember, these are real people. There is surely not enough evidence to convict.

What they did, what these others have done, is sacrifice a lot of their personal selves for. That is heroic. There should be more Mannings, more Snowdens. There are many nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform who have finally come home, to realize, the war they fought in, and many of the conditions there were wrong. But not many in the deeper levels of intelligence or the military who do what they should do by conscience. Really standing up for liberty. Like everyone else there claims to.

One factor here, however, as to "why there has not been change", nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform, people remain largely uninformed on these areas. If nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform were informed, they would be with the opponents. They would be with Snowden, and be with Manning. If you work in a technical field, and you probably do or how did you get here? People use this stuff, but they don't get much of the mechanics of it. Here, it is all much more then information technology.

It also requires people to have some knowledge beyond cursory of totalitarian nations. This sort of thing, sadly, is not being taught. And people do not have a tendency to want to study it. They are just trying to make their ways through their lives. They can even be very smart people. Professionals who are well paid. Lawyers, doctors, dentists.

But, they don't come home, usually, and plunk down arcane history books on the rise of the Soviet Union or Pol Pot. And nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform from Nazi to "today and here and these people" is quite a distance. If you start to look at more of these stories, across more of these nations, the fact that "it can happen here", "it can happen anywhere" becomes painfully clear. The people working in these areas surely do not know these things.

And these are the people entrusted with trying to work for liberty. Those who do get their head so far into the team and the game, they can't make the distinction.

That it could be you. It could be. They think they are the reason they work so hard. It never occurs to them they long ago crossed that line. Buck It seems that Binney wasn't actually the technical director, but more a leading? Apart from that, he undoubtely has a lot of technical knowledge.

But still, internet and telephony technology has developed tremendously rapid in the past decade, which makes it difficult for an outsider to estimate what NSA has been doing in that field.

The Snowden-documents shed some light on that, but instead of Binney giving us explanations of these docs that are helpful and claryfing, he does hardly more than guessing and stressing how out of control NSA has gone. But that's what we hear from. If he really has that much of insight, he should be able to provide a far better analysis. Like for example this blog post from an outsider does: Maybe Binney isn't doing so because he doesn't want to disclose any state nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform, but in that case I really don't see what he contributes to the current debate, especially when he is comparing NSA to the Stasi.

If we want to control NSA, then we have to look very carefully at what they are doing, not painting a picture of a monster. People do feel milf free chat in war, and they talk about what happened. There is a difference, however, in that in war the aggression is directed at an enemy, this would have to be an action directed at people they would consider to be friends. Yes, I'm sure there are some people that could do this and feel it was necessary, but there is a limit to how many people are involved before it can no longer be kept a secret.

How many people would have to be in the loop? If it was a handful, say five or six, maybe. Once you start getting into the dozens, or probably hundreds if you are talking about demolitions and cruise missiles the probability of a leak gets extremely high.

I disagree that motives, etc are a massage parlour in west yorkshire. Doing an investigation that way is a common mistake. The proper place to start is the scene of the crime. The physical evidence, eye witnesses, and any data from reliable source eg black box, video cameras.

Once basic facts are picked up, hypotheses are formed and tested. At that point, you worry about that stuff. The What is, empirically, more important that the Who or Why.

And can lead to. I'll try to address your points on damage, skill, number of people, etc anway. Other readers might be curious on those points as.

One potential situation that's similar is Pearl Harbor. The U. Before they did, there were still warnings from many highly reliable sources. On top of this, their code for war with U. Everyone should've been on alert. Nobody at Pearl Harbor notified.

They get smashed to pieces with huge losses. America immediately enacts the policy that military wants: Most of this was under a tight group under FDR's control. Deaths were close to 3, with over 1, wounded.

Sure it was just all a series of dozens of accidental intelligence, policy, and communications failures. Their own documents, like infamous PNAC document, showed they felt our survival as a country depended on massive military and intelligence expansion with plenty of intervention in the Middle East. Had many specific policy recommendations.

And after it happened, many of the policies in that document became Bush's policies. Of course, nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform not the first time they've planned a false flag against Americans. They were willing to hijack airliners, destroy ships, bomb Miami, fake news reports, fake funerals, plant evidence, etc to make people think Castro was attacking us. America would be outraged and demand action against the Cuban attackers. The military would have the war they believed was necessary.

Rather than a rebuke, the document has the signature of the Chairman of Joint Chiefs: Top brass was all for staging terrorism to get the war going. So, only two guys up top standing between military covert operators and innocent Americans. What if they decided differently? Dick Cheney is the main guy that ran all of it. He's long nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform Washington, military, and private contracting vet.

Paul Wolfowitz has always been his right hand man. Bush would go along with it willingly, grudgingly, or for sake of his family. The irony is that the force that allegedly attacked us was equipped by his father's CIA Sadam.

Tying up loose ends? Another Bush helped insure the WTC for billions in event of disaster and did security for the building, where he weakened security. Usually a bad situation in the making. Most government or military people involved would be given orders that are different, seemingly justifiable, maybe typical Washington BS, etc They'd not see the big picture.

Cheney and his few partners had a chance to influence every single dorset girls to this while giving them disinformation. His strategy would be to make it look like they were all involved in typical incompetence that added up to tragic results.

They'd suspect that he was covering up murder, but they'd sleep at night "knowing" it was more likely that he was covering incompetence. And they were in the same boat. They'd do it. The actual operation marcy housing project require boots on the ground. They'd need planners, operators, and fall guys.

The Nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform and Pakastanis apparently produced the fall guys for us. For planners, operators, and secrecy you must realize something: I'd considered it myself in response to certain biological threats eg bird flu. The covert ops community continuously does deniable missions, including false flags by their own admission.

How many confessions do you have today? Or just a few about stuff that's barely important? Our of hundreds to thousands of classified missions?

These people aren't like average military or techies like Snowden. They are intensly profiled for ability to follow orders, keep secrets, and maintain loyalty.

Cheney would just pick the best of that category, explain the importance of this "sacrifice" to them, make them feel elite of elites, reward them well for participation, and optionally kill them off afterward with accidents or risky missions. Under twenty to potentially subvert whole U. Throw in a few in New York, some in other agencies, and so on you have potentially under 50 people.

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I could've done this operation with total deniability and a mere millions as described. That plus the forensic evidence adds up to undeniable implications. From there, the theories only get k. As solid as black ops investigations get. I agree re Binney and Snowden. That U. Govt would throw away effectiveness of all their greatest capabilities for some little disinformation scheme makes little sense.

Binney seems like a kik dirty users insider who thinks the public should know about certain mismanagement and disdain for the Constitution. Snowden there's more risk in, esp as he leaked foreign ops, but seems like the idealist he presents himself as. People claiming disinformation campaigns about them are usually heavy on speculation and light on evidence. Bruce talks about security theater and anti-FUD, a lot.

I am not sure if those sorts of messages attract many conspiracy theorists? I have known some extremely intelligent computer security professionals who have bought into some of these allegations.

One, ilke. He later free classifieds ohio out wfter that, after the Bin Laden video. This is a well known aspect of the case. As far as I have heard, there was no intentional screw ups, but typical secrecy vo lack of information sharing.

Disconnects between foreign intelligence and local intelligence and the boundaries set up between the two. That they got any looking to ride a nice cock at all beforehand is actually astounding.

That they did not put the pieces together is nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform what happens. That is probable. It would have been truly astounding had they actually been able to prevent. It is extremely plausible, because of the 1130 these guys did it that they just escaped the radar.

That information would be extremely compelling. Of all the nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform, that one really stands out to me as a claim which, if substantiated, would be highly interesting. But, you do not mention who, how, or any of the details of. There is also no evidence that this was not a fluke, something normal. After all, some always short. Most lost out, but some would have won out by sheer chance. Proving this was deliberate, as the claim seems to imply, might not be so difficult.

But where is the evidence? I would like to see the "FBI's" stance. Hsa cited their own, personal opinions as authoritative. Osama did initially deny he was behind it.

He was probably scared. He did not expect such a success. But, you know what else? Mann did the Taliban. And so did Mwn around the world. Same Muslims celebrating it, would be the same guys saying "Israel did unifor, or "the US did it". How do I know? Besides seeing the news reports, at mn time, I was posting in Muslim forums and getting their opinions.

It was obnoxious. The same people would deny it, and try and blame it on "Israel"and in another breath claim "Allah proved he is with us by this". After awhile, everyone got nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform the same page. What about the Osama video where he admitted it? Have never seen evidence that was faked. I did not notice you mentioning some of the whackier stuff "truthers" claim, which really undermines the legitimacy of their arguments. Not directly.

Women behind bars dating site do not think anyone injected these beliefs into the conversation, because these sorts of claims have 1330 the bedrock message people are sticking to. Reality is there was, indirect, US complicity.

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The US and Pakistan trained these guys. They utilized modern day, really sophisticated intelligence methodologies to pull this off. They trained at what they would do before they did it. The way they handled money, kept each other separated, dealt with what they would say and do with their fuck alma ks cover identities, ma of it reeks of intelligence training.

Nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform

And they were trained kniform the US and Pakistan. And what about these guys? Pure inventions? Come on. Their whole story? And btw, if the story of these hijackers is fake, then doesn't that kind of kill the point 15 above, and a number of these other points? After all, the whole argument there is there was some visibility of some of these guys. And that got ddo up. And why on earth would anyone create such outlandish legends? Why would they depict these guys and their whole operation as being as well trained as it was?

That is only going to point the finger back at the US and Pakistan in the first place. I might also note, from day one, despite the entire lack real girls numbers evidence, the internet was screaming with skeptics immediately certain "Bush" nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform or "CIA" and or "Israel" was really behind it all.

Though it can be pointed out these same guys tried to blow up the WTC in the latina pornstar sandy place, back in And they swore they would finish the job.

Nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform I Look Cock

What about the plans that were exposed in the fire overseas? There is, after all, a very extensive backstory here which involved many people and many points of evidence. As well as many confessions. I also agree with most of Anura's points. Especially at these sorts of junctures. How many American intelligence officers would have to be involved in such a project to pull it off. And why. What, to invade Iraq? For what, oil? Nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform many senior, highly experienced intelligence and law enforcement agents would have to have been engaged in all of this?

They would have to have decades of rarified experience in planning and operations and would have pulled off an intelligence operation unknown in the history of the world by orders of magnitude beyond any previous intelligence operation.

They would be ant hills, this would be a mountain stretching to the moon. The Double Cross program relied on the astounding incompetency of the Third Reich. The Japanese code breaking, they were also arrogant and could not even begin to entertain the idea anyone ever could break their codes. The Cambridge Five was anything but smooth. For years, their connection to Russia went dark because Russia was believing they were double agents. Philby definitely achieved some level of success in his infiltration, but was also an incorrigible drunk.

Probably far worse and more effective moles were Hanssen and Ames. Directorate S, while in some ways a fearsome system, was full of incompetents, and clearly still is. The US surveillance program is probably one of the most successful programs ever implemented, but tens of billions have been poured adult sex dating Clemson it.

The Manhattan Project, I think, was hands down the most impressive secret project ever implemented, but it was far from as secret as many like to depict it. Germany knew nothing of it only because they moronically jettisoned any physicist besides one or two who might have been able to help.

The knowledge behind the atom bomb was not exactly secret, HG Wells wrote of it decades beforehand, and contrary to popular mythology he was aware of the existing theories of the time which inspired. The Soviets did retain scientists capable of understanding the science behind it, and they also infiltrated the program deeply.

The program also had moral sway. As opposed to something absolutely amoral. The Nazis were clear and obvious bad guys. So to go against this would have been reprehensible to the ordinary person not a megalomaniacal super criminal sociopath. As these supposed guys would have. Even the Russian moles did what they did because they believed it was morally justified, and considering the circumstances, despite how wrong they were about the Soviet Union -- one can reasonably understand their point of view these days.

Scary stuff exists out there, but I don't think it was. And I don't think these nation's intelligence agencies are anywhere near as capable as such theories posit they are. Not anymore then there being any credence to US-Alien secret projects at Roswell. If someone kept the argument far more simple like: Which, if faked, would have involved nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform scary lengthy and in-depth paper trail involving many agencies. As for fundamentalist Muslims doing this for money, that, too is highly implausible.

Saudi Arabia? They are the ones already complicit in everything, indirectly, most of all. And they have nukes. They would have had the necessary bona fides and connections. Religious bona fides. Cultural, regional. But, where is the money? For religious reasons, and general extreme xenophobia. Not money. Though, anyone could have profited from this attack within Al Qaeda or their many well monied supporters. Nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform, where, again, is the money?

The story that some have tried to invent, that Snowden had Russian help, I think is much more concerning to me. It probably has heavy traction in circles of government. But, I doubt there is any evidence craigslist personals hickory n c that, because I strongly doubt anything happened.

While counterintelligence evidence is often kept secret, they ejected some directorate s back in If they had any convincing evidence whatsoever.

Rather, intelligence history is full of exceptional individuals who did what they did with little to no outside help. Some were criminals, some were heroic. Some had some help, but many faced as their greatest challenges the very groups they worked. There is also the factor the original poster pointed out about craigslist single women effect of all phone sex lausanne.

Now, we can all be paranoid and watch what we say. Now everyone can fear. But these guys have been astoundingly incompetent nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform the damage done to their programs is immense.

I do not think it mattered much to "terrorists". This sort of phrasing reminds me of "V for Vengeance". They already probably expected the NSA compromised. But for allied, rival, adversary governments? They are probably have a hay day. Probably hundreds of "double cross" like programs now in effect, with nations counterintelligence feeding US intelligence all sorts of loads of crap by the taps they have discovered.

My response above was written before reading your post to Anura. You present there more towards a more believable direction, which I was arguing is necessary in my nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform above regarding You bring down the numbers, give some sort of more plausible theory, though it is vague But, Mastermind, Superspy Cheney?

Sure, DoD experience Iran Contra, nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform Real brilliant work done. Sending bondville IL adult personals guys with guns - intelligent above typical "meatheads" - is what those kinds of covert operations really are. That is nothing like running a serious covert operation that gets away with it with locals and local nations.

I am not sure there of the entire scenario you are thinking up, but I do not see any real meaty motive. I am also not sure if you are not including fabrication of the existence of the hijackers as many. Or that the tower was exploded from the inside and the plane didn't really have any people on it Having bona fides to nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform one's self, who is really an American agent of what agency, exactly?

Even a filling in their tooth could give themselves away. What would their backgrounds be, and how on earth would they have ever gained their trust? How nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform they have passed the muster with the religious knowledge they would have had to have, with all the right beliefs? And you are talking about guys that are the sort that can't do much besides "follow orders" and "keep their mouth shuts"?

That surely explains a lot of meathead killers with extremely low IQs, but it is very much not like the high level of intelligence a deep covert operative has to have -- really, is it?

I really fail to believe US intelligence has much hard core human intelligence capacity at all. They seem to have a good system for networks of paid informants, and good systems for turning and keeping moles. Great technical intelligence. Good disguise systems, good communication systems. Good funding systems, some good institutional cover systems. But not good at deep cover agents working in foreign lands. Since the 70s, US law enforcement has gotten pretty good with undercover work.

Where bona fides are not very difficult. Very different from doing the same thing in a radically different area far away. Mastering the language, the ins and outs of the dialects of the region they are supposedly from, these things alone would be audacious.

Much less keeping up some kind of plausible legend, which probably would have to include multiple agents that could back up their story.

This all follows reports earlier this month that after years of fighting over how much domestic london sex parties power the National Security Agency NSA should have, it has fater stopped trying to collect and access all of these phone records.

The change came as a bit of a surprise, as this was the surveillance exposed by Edward Snowden, and he fled to Russia and remains there to avoid criminal prosecution for disclosing this secret snooping. That the NSA might have stopped attempting to access all this metadata suggests unifork critics were right that it not only violated Americans' privacy but was beautiful women seeking real sex Wahpeton a particularly useful tool against terrorism.

But we don't really know for certain that NSA requests for phone uniforn have actually stopped. And if they have, that doesn't mean the agency can't fire it back up.

This bill is intended to ensure that the spies nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform change their minds. Following Snowden's revelations, these lawmakers successfully managed to force the sunset of part of the PATRIOT Act—Section —that had been used to justify this mass metadata collection.

It was bsa replaced with the USA Freedom Act, which allowed the collection, but in a more limited way and with additional oversight. The USA Freedom Act is going to sunset this year unless it's renewed, and this move is clearly meant to signal that lawmakers aren't going to just sit back and let it happen without a fight. Given now that there's evidence that the NSA has deliberately abandoned the powers provided by the USA Freedom Act 103 stopped accessing phone records, supporters of the surveillance state are going to have a harder time making the case that aftr law is even needed.

Bonus link: Before Snowden, way back inthe Justice Department and Drug Enforcement Adminstration embarked on a massive collection of Americans' phone records without warrants or judicial oversight—that time as part of the drug war. The man in charge: Eugene Volokh 9. Jonathan Nda.