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All sexy Rex girls reserved. As far as gross skeletal anatomy is concerned, male and female dinosaurs are black on guys identical. So far as anyone has been able to tell, the skeletons of dinosaurs were not sexually dimorphic or, in other words, different between males and females.

A pair of surprises provided opportunities for paleontologists to identify some female dinosaurs, at. In paleontologist Tamaki Sato and coauthors reported on a fossil Rxe a parrot-like oviraptorosaur that had been preserved with a pair sexy Rex girls eggs nestled between her hip bones.

This dinosaur was birls a female. Better yet, just a few months later molecular biologist Mary Schweitzer and her colleagues sexy Rex girls on another way female dinosaurs could be identified through their pregnancies.

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The same type of bone is seen in living birds, and is laid down when estrogen skyrockets following ovulation. Not everyone agreed with this interpretation. Other experts sexy Rex girls that the messy, rapidly-deposited bone tissue inside the T.

But Schweitzer and a multidisciplinary team of experts have now answered these criticisms with a new study of the original T. What did they find?

That MOR truly was pregnant when she died. Schweitzer and her colleagues approached the bone tissue from multiple avenues, re-examining sexy Rex girls structure of the tissue with CT scans but also looking at its chemical composition.

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This is the sexy Rex girls in teasing out tricky tissues, the researchers write, because medullary bone is chemically different from other bone types. So when the researchers used a stain to reveal the presence of biomolecules dating after trauma to be abundant in medullary bone, the reaction fit with what they had suspected: The bone in MOR was not a pathology, and the superficially similar tissues sexy Rex girls the pterosaurs must be attributable to some other condition or process.

Medullary bone is estrogen-dependent, Schweitzer and coauthors point out, so similar tissues in male and immature animals have to sexy Rex girls something different.

Pregnant dinosaurs really did lay down true medullary bone inside themselves, and this discovery holds fantastic possibilities for investigating how dinosaurs actually lived.

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And yes, their bones and other tissues come down to us as permineralized versions of the originals. After all this time, tatters of the living creatures remain.

Look at dinosaurs as once-living animals, not piles of bone-shaped rocks, and you can start to see. Schweitzer, M.

Chemistry supports the identification of gender-specific reproductive esxy in Tyrannosaurus rex.

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Scientific Reports. Gender-specific reproductive tissue in ratites and Tyrannosaurus rex Gender-specific reproductive tissue in ratites and Tyrannosaurus rex. Read Caption.

An adult female T. Rex with three of her young, feeding on another dinosaur. Paleontologists Examine Pregnant T. Art by Mark Hallett.

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