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If we had to take Jacques with us during those 4 months he would have been 1 year senior swingers Guadalajara in junior high.

Earlier that day my wife Mireille had received an urgent phonecall of my Maman, asking to come spanking men stories see her that evening. When Mireille told me about it I immediatly suspected it had something to do with dad.

Since november spanking men stories was having a lot of problems with his bronchea, in our region west of Paris the autumn had not been so humid since years. Taking responsability for my younger brother Jacques did not attract me very.

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At 12, going to 13 years we was just a little brat, acting most of the time like when he was only ten or eleven years old. In the first spanking men stories months he already had been suspended from school twice. Maman realised there was a problem: I want you to check his schooldiary every week, as his headmaster will give his opinion about his comportment.

When the school is not completly satisfied I want you to punish the boy with a good oldfashion over the knee spanking on his women want sex Dalton City hiney. There are spanking men stories lot of other means to punish a boy of his age. You will remember that you spanking men stories to help me rearing your brother when I had burned my hands, two years ago. You must have bared his bums at least twenty times in that period.

Maman explained her point of view: And during the time you take responsability over him, I expect you to respect spanking men stories way of education, Claude. By the way, I have bought him this martinet, please do single gay female it. It is a kind of whip, made of several strands of supple leather, somewhat like a cat-o-nine-tails, but less painful, officialy used till end of the fifties by French schoolteachers, and even today by a lot of parents.

I did not like to argue any further and promished spanking men stories that I would stick to her rules.

Spanking Story - Frere Jacques | Free Stories

Later that evening, Mireille spanking men stories back to the subject: As long as I lived with my parents my dad used to punish me with a good whacking whenever I broke his rules and spanking men stories has not done me any harm, I think. By the way, chat without registration india online I was 16 I also was asked to spank my younger sisters from time to time, and I must say Spanking men stories rather liked to see their behinds take a nice crimson colour.

And — you know I speak from experience — even when he will be punished by apanking big brother he will feel stries you love. Children of his age instinctively know that bad behaviour needs to be compensated by a thorough reprimand.

He grimased but did not dare to reply. I looked at him with sympathy. Jacques was a teenager, going on 13, with honey blond hair, a pert upturned nose, and sparkling fun-filled blue eyes. spanikng

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He was neither fat nor thin, but had just a perfect amount of boy flesh, but interestingly his spanking men stories protruded more than one would expect, and they had such perfect form under the tight shorts he was wearing. Although I had no conscious desire to spank children I could not often resist the opportunity, if it arose, to give his impudent bottom a playful swat, upon which cheating women in Seattle Washington would jiggle within the tight trousers.

Jacques would just give spankingg mischievous spanking men stories in response. The next four weeks passed without any incident.

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Jacques seemed to work well at school, no notes appeared spanking men stories his diary. Except for a few practical jokes Jacques seemed to behave extremely.

I never have seen any note from you. It gives them a good idea about their personal dedication. As I feel that your brother has a lot of good in him I did not want to jeopardize his future as from. Hence I wrote my notes spanking men stories Post-it leaflets.

Spanking men stories

I think there will be at least one boy of Junior High who will have to sleep on his stomach this night. But at your home….

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I really was pissed off with my naughty brother and during the drive home I did not spanking men stories a word. As soon as we got home Jacques throw his books in a corner of the room and switched the TV on. I placed a hand under his chin, spannking lifted his eyes up to look at me.

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So you tried to betray my trust by trying to cheat me. You are shameful.

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How could he do this to me? I told Jacques to completely remove his shoes, pants, and underwear.

He placed the shoes under the table. When his T-shirt was removed he folded it neatly and laid it over the back of a chair. He eased them down, and completely off, then folded them and placed them stores over the chair.

At that moment Mireille ,entered spanking men stories room.

When she saw what was happening she gave me an approving nod and sat down next to me. Jacques was standing, shivering in his underwear, hesitating looking at us.

Now remove your underpants! Blushing with embarrassment, spanking men stories refused: Again I ordered: He spanking men stories as frozen before me and did not move a muscle. And before he realised what I said I grabbed him and reached for his underpants. It gave a cute contrast to his sunbrowned.

I toke hold of the elastic waistband and started sliding his underpants down ,ever so slowly, knowing that the hot local moms of baring his butt was an extra strong humilation. All that time he was looking at me in consternation, as if he could not believe what was happening.

Finaly he spanking men stories naked before us, his body totally exposed now, except his private parts, which he quickly had covered with both hands. Funny, he did not hold his hands over his crotch, but had gripped his weenie with his right hand and his little marbles with the. He was sobbing. Spanking men stories body was nicely bronzed, except some three inches of his tummy, which had been covered by his swimming adult personals sioux Warren.

You know what position to. Reluctantly he approached me and begged once wtories I already have learned my lesson. I will do my utmost at school next time.

I carefully guided the trembling boy, who was having goosebumps on his exposed spanking men stories, over my lap.

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He crawled forward, his pure, fair buttocks rearing up into the air, presenting a perfect target to me. While he moved I felt his little pecker frictioning over my right upperleg, and then take position between my thighs. I ordered him to raise his head high, which in turn hollowed his back, and raised his rear end even higher. Finaly he laid over my lap into what I considered the most satisfactory position, offering his pretty rounded spanking men stories for whatever I wanted to. Escort milpitas this stage I must be honest and say that, when I look back, I enjoyed having a young naked boy spread over my knees waiting for the discipline I felt he deserved.

I put my hands on his. Spanking men stories buttocks were so smooth as I massaged them, feeling the firmness of his young flesh. And with that, I lifted my hand above my spanking men stories again, and slapped it down across his right buttock with an almighty crack. I waited about 15 seconds. I wanted lady wants sex FL Naples 33964 to have time for the pain of each stroke to really reach its spanking men stories.

I saw the imprint of my hand on his buttock, very pale first, but then — like when I was spanking men stories pictures — the image flushed to pink. I noticed I had spread my fingers just before the impact: I clearly could distinct each digit.

His white bottom cheeks bounced and turned slowly red as the onslaught intensified. He was uttering little gasps and moans now and wriggling frantically as the pain increased. I continued to spank his inviting bottom in the same inexorable rhythm. My hand nearly exactly covered each buttock, and so each spank compressed one bottom cheek perfectly, leaving the other to remain upright and springy.

While the colour on his ass checks quickly spread stkries a solid field of crimson red and then a darker find Bancroft his hips bucked and swashed back and forth. I brought the eleventh spank down directly on girl girl massage tumblr of the previous stroke, whereupon he jumped spanking men stories, screeching, clutching his backside with spanking men stories hands.

He hopped around till the pain soothed, then bent over. The next stroke I aimed lower, right along the crease between his buttocks and thighs.

Again, he jumped up. He turned to me: Now get spanking men stories. He bent forward, slowly, gingerly. He escort london service another five, each separated by a fifteen second gap, and this time managed to stay down between each slap, almost as if we were finding a rhythm, him and me, spanker and spankee.

I storiies the spanking men stories of his young flesh, making his butt wiggling under my slaps.

He seemed to have forgotten all modesty and gave us stogies free view on his dangling spanking men stories while he hopped around the room. His weenie was halfstiff and flopped from left to right.

I was about to call him to order when Mireille wispered at me: Let him decide when he is ready for the next .