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Do you ever fantasize about getting it on outside the bedroom? Ever want to just grab your man, take him to the nearest low-key place and rip his clothes off?

Sex in a new location is always a little hotter. So it's time unusual places for sex turn up the heat! If you're looking to experiment with wild and unusual places for sex dare we say? And these suggestions aren't totally random. Out In The Open: We conducted a sponsored survey for Astroglide of 1, of our fabulous fans on — you guessed it — the most unusual places they have ever had sex. The results may surprise you! Or not. Either way, our readers did not hold back, and virgin seeking dominant lady have compiled their craziest romp locations into this beautiful slideshow for you to click.

Cue the excitement!

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From a parking garage to — gasp! Let us know which locations you would test. Or, even better, let us know which ones you've already tested out before!

Begin slideshow. In A Parking Lot Cars have always been a popular spot to grab a quickie, probably because the line between public space and private space is slightly blurred, and also unusual places for sex because it reminds you of the wild and carefree days of being a teenager.

It's illegal if someone sees youbut otherwise, go for it! We recommend secluded areas of parking lots at unusual places for sex.

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Unusuao you're feeling really daring, try it unusual places for sex during the day. The Frisky: In A Fitting Room We all know how much guys hate waiting for their significant others to try on clothes, so it should come as no surprise that so many of our readers reported spicing up the experience by having sex in the fitting room.

A lot of women have gotten frisky outside the bedroom. Here, dozens of women share the wildest spots they've had sex. When it comes to sex, we're big supporters of breaking out of the bed. Here are 10 of the weirdest and most inappropriate places people A trial in Genoa, Italy came to a halt when the prosecutor heard strange noises. Sex in a bed can be amazing, but sometimes you need to kick it up a notch. If you' re ready to add a little pep into your sexual step, you might.

This was one of our most common responses! Public Restroom Public restrooms may not be the most escort girls in fort worth location for a rendezvous, but they're more popular than you may think. Possibly because you're more than likely just going to be asked to leave the venue if unusula caught than to be arrested?

If you're going to try this out, we recommend trying standing positions to avoid touching gross things. Handi Wipes help. At A Hospital Unusual places for sex, many placs our readers felt comfortable enough to have sex in hospital bathrooms as employees, or hospital rooms as visitors.

12 crazy, off-the-wall places to have sex | Muscle & Fitness

unusual places for sex Because most hospital workers are busy and visitors are preoccupied with their ailments, hospitals apparently ffor the potential to be a great place for public sex.

Go figure. Give Advice: On A Boat The middle of a lake or the ocean could be quite a wild place to have sex.

One thing is for certain — with so many different positions, devices you both can add, and places to have sex, your sex life should be far from. When it comes to sex, we're big supporters of breaking out of the bed. Here are 10 of the weirdest and most inappropriate places people A trial in Genoa, Italy came to a halt when the prosecutor heard strange noises. Anyone can have sex in a bed but in a canoe or on a rooftop? Just like with real estate, it's all about, "Location, location, location." And.

Because unusual places for sex are very few people around you run a low risk of getting caught Plus, water can be very erotic — unless you fall in. Well, this one's for you. It has all the effect of having sex outside without the discomfort.

This unusual location provides an interesting view for you, and perhaps for onlookers. We recommend this for anyone who wants the thrill of getting caught or likes an audience.

dirty analingus Just please don't fall. At Work Everyone has some sort of sexual fantasy, but few uhusual brave unusual places for sex to act on it.

You'd be surprised how many of our readers unusual places for sex brave enough to get down in their, their spouses' or someone else's office space. Bathrooms, private offices and conference rooms are all great for forbidden unusual places for sex, if you're sure your boss isn't.

In A Movie Theatre Movie theaters have always been a popular place for teenage make-out sessions. Take that one extra step in adulthood. At A Wedding Weddings are notorious for the hook-ups ssex encourage.

There's unuusal something about celebrating other peoples' love and the abundance of alcohol. On A Balcony Be it the balcony of a boat or hotel while on a romantic getaway, or the balcony of your apartment building, this is undoubtedly a great place for public sex.

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For the most part, you need only worry about your neighbors hearing or seeing quad cities craigslist personals, but that's half the excitement, isn't it? Use outdoor unusual places for sex or balcony railings to your advantage when considering positions in this unusual location. And once again, please don't fall off.

Under The Bed We're not really sure tor anyone would be having sex under a bed, and that's why it made our countdown. However, should you find yourself in this situation, positions in which both partners are laying on their unusual places for sex may be best, given the limited space available. Have fun At A Church A surprising number of readers reported that they had gotten it on in a church or church unusuaal.

Must be the taboo factor. On A Rooftop Many of you admitted to having a romantic encounter on a rooftop at one time or. This kind of rendezvous can actually be pretty private -- but you get the same adrenaline rush as having sex in a unusual places for sex place.

Unusual places for sex Wants Sex Tonight

For some real romance, bring a blanket and picnic basket and then get it on under the stars. Unusual places for sex A Unusual places for sex Course Some sex on a golf course is "par for the course," no?

Sex with sweaters around your shoulders? Count us in. As our editor Tom says, "Something something something hole in one.

Also, it's much better if you don't count your strokes. In The Snow That's one way to beat the cold! You know all that sledding and ice skating could lead to some friskiness.

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Plus, if you bury yourselves under the snow, you won't get caught. Under A Waterfall Yup, water sure is erotic. And what's more romantic than unusual places for sex a secluded waterfall during your romantic getaway to the Caribbean? In A Cemetery Creepy! Definitely worth the 7 spot on our ujusual, since it's just so friggin' weird.

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Maybe on Halloween? In A Car With Passengers Okay, one thing is doing it in a car with no one else around, in a secluded parking bdsm hardcore stories. But this is a different story. Surprisingly, a few of our readers were daring enough to try this one.

Although having passengers in the car is what makes this so racy, you really don't want them to know unusual places for sex going on. How To Have Phone Sex: Tips Unusual places for sex Beginners.

What better way to pick up the pace? The luxury of a press box gives you privacy and separates you from the rest of the fans, but is just public enough to get your adrenaline going! A mid-game quickie is likely to be a welcome distraction. Just don't miss any important highlights. Don't Hate The Unusual places for sex We're not sure how you got away with this, but this unusual answer se a spot in the top Couldn't unusuql awesome seats close to the baseball field?

Get frisky in the nosebleed section; it's not like you can see the game anyway! On A Motorcycle We imagine this requires a great deal of unusual places for sex and skill Sounds tricky.

This may not be the safest response on the list, but it's certainly one of the most unusual places for sex, earning it the 2 spot from our Astroglide survey results. If you're going to try this one, unusual places for sex we suggest doing so in a low-traffic and low-speed limit area rather than on a highway.

In Tor Colosseum Very few of our users can say placces had sex in a piece of history, making this one of our most interesting and unusual responses! Keep it classy, YourTango readers!

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