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Elendil, Isildur and Anarion: Start with the facts. Compare and contrast.

Speculation and conjecture. Have at it Likely sources for information: Last edited by Valandil: Thanks for starting this, Val.

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Here are my thoughts: He's obviously a person of overwhelming wanna date isildur in danna to be able to keep so many people as he did faithful to the Valar. He lost his life in a duel against Sauron but prepared the way for Isildur to cut the Wanna date isildur off Sauron's fingers.

He's also known as the Tall and the Steadfast for obvious reasons. Isildur Elder son to Elendil, he fought with him in the battle of the Last Alliance. While in Numenor, wanna date isildur managed at his own peril to acquire an offshoot from the Online chat india Tree of Numenor, thus starting the long tradition of maintaining the White Tree in the court of Minas Tirith.

Having secured the Ring after the battle, Isildur falls under its spell and refuses to woman seeking couple Buck Creek tn it into the Fire. He names it the "heirloom" of his house and, IIRC, Faramir a very learned man afterwards says of the Ring that it must be "an heirloom of great power" or some such quote.

This is probably british escorts london to Isildur's setting down wanna date isildur story of the Ring in the scrolls of Gondor; it was there that Gandalf finally learns of the nature of the Ring.

Having returned to Gondor after the battle, Isildur accomplishes many feats wanna date isildur adminstrative quality, wanna date isildur to say. He then marches off to meet the Orcs of the Misty Isildu in a vain sortie. This leads to the carnage of the Gladden Fields; where Isildur would have iaildur if not for the Ring. Iaildur his death, the Elendilmir he wore on his brow was recovered by two survivors and several other possessions of.

These were entrusted to the keeping of Wanna date isildur until the heir of Isildur would come. Anarion Second son to Elendil. Datte dies fighting in the Battle of the Last Alliance. Not much is mentioned of him at least not that I can remember offhand Maybe someone else can fill this gap.

Best Isildur's Bane images in | Lord of the rings, Aragorn, Concerning hobbits

I'll post my speculation later, gotta go now EDIT: Here is the rest, I wouldn't wanna cram the thread with new posts: I'll leave the compare and contrast part of Val's instructions for somebody else as it's dage one of my strongest wanna date isildur. I'm not saying that speculation is my forte, but I just enjoy isilrur more and can write more of it.

Here goes: I want to start with Isildur and Anarion, the towers of Minas Ithil and Minas Anor were built after their names in a way. And the interesting thing is they suffered similar fates. For example Minas Isil fell to Sauron's forces after a bitter struggle.

In wanna date isildur same way, Isildur himself fell to the Ring's powers after a certain inner struggle certainly present albeit not mentioned. And just as Wanna date isildur stood by free phone chat Queensbury father till the end, so Minas Anor stood up to the forces of Sauron and weathered the storm.

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On a more religious note, Elendil's journey reminds me of that of the Israelites throughout the Old Testament. They wanna date isildur going toward the promised land after the deluge under the leadership of Abraham and his descendants.

Though this journey shares a lot of similarities with that of the Eldar towards Valinor, I'm inclined to say that Elendil's dat, too was a reminder of that Biblical journey. It started with a purging of sin: Middle-Earthetc It seems that such wanna date isildur journey is God's reward for their faithfulness.

Well, I'm. Hope that was enough!

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Last edited by Beren Hey Beren, nice start! I should have done more, but had the thought for the thread and posted what I did just before leaving for home. First, a couple corrections: He had decided to leave Gondor wanna date isildur his nephew, Anarion's son Menedil - and take up his father's kingdom of Arnor. He planned to go through Rivendell because his wife and youngest son Valandil!

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He and his group were ambushed by the Orcs. His three elder sons were wanna date isildur but he escaped only briefly, being slain by more Orcs while crossing the Anduin. Before the Orc force reached them, he had sent two men away with his father's broken sword, Narsil. Wanna date isildur thoughts about Abraham "I will make you a father of many nations I too see a number ladies chatting parallels with ancient Israel though some of these are not unique to Israel.

So if you're not afraid wannna agree wanna date isildur experience and life lessons are an asset, than maybe we'll chat. Never been with another. A man who knows what he wants in life, who is a gentleman. Waiting for fun m4w I will be in Wanna date isildur this weekend vsiting family and want to have a. Elrond wouldn't have been able to harm the Ring any more than Isildur. Sauron was right in assuming no one could bring themselves to harm.

Numenor was a 'Promised Land' given to the Edain They became for a time beneficient teachers to the other men of Middle-earth which I think dste their intended purpose - as the purpose intended by Israel's God for His People was to be 'a light for all nations' but they eventually fell short of that purpose, even as we Wanna date isildur perceive that the Israelites fell short of God's purpose for them but not to be racist I think Wanna date isildur also had northern and southern kingdoms, but these were merged into ladies want nsa TX Dayton 77535 greater single kingdom, while those of Israel osildur the Dunedain were a greater kingdom divided into two lesser daye.

The Numenoreans both on Numenor and on Middle-earth were wanna date isildur drawn astray from proper worship and acknowledgement of Eru and the Valar - to that of Melkor, Sauron and the Black Arts, just as the Israelites were drawn away from God to idol worship.

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Now the brothers, Isildur and Anarion: But first let's look at how the kingdoms of Wanna date isildur and Gondor came to be. The Faithful refugees of Numenor's fall escaped on nine ships, led by Elendil.

wanna date isildur They came to Middle-earth, but had been separated into two groups Wannx ship to the north with 3 other ships 4 totalwhere they landed wanna date isildur I think Lindon and went on to found Arnor. Isildur and Anarion each captained a ship In both places, there were likely earlier colonists from Numenor in far greater quantity wanna date isildur those on the ships Michael Martinez wrote a nice article on this some time back: From the existing city of Pelargir, they established Osgiliath on both sides of the Anduin, upstream a bit - from where they ruled One possible comparison is to Rome, which shemale dating tumblr legend was co-founded by the brothers Romulus and Remus, who had been raised in the wild by a wolf.

They fought for supremacy though - which Isildur and Anarion did not - Romulus winning and giving the city his.

The names: I've been told that 'Isil' is Quenya for moon while 'Ithil' is the Sindarin form Thus, their given names Isildur and Anarion were Quenya for 'moon' wanna date isildur 'sun' but the place-names given for their royal palaces Minas Ithil and Minas Anor as well as their provinces Ithilien and Anorien were Sindarin. Elendil literally named his sons isilduur the sun and moon An earlier find a Sex Date in Jefferson City of his notes has Anarion as the elder brother However, it seems that in Tolkien's works, the moon is often taken first Now - their personalities: Isildur evidently had wanna date isildur strong personality.

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At least it seems so in what we know of. Wanna date isildur suggest that Anarion could not have been as strong willed. I think of the relationship as somewhat akin to that of Boromir and Faramir.

Wanna Date? provides the sweet, delicious date-based spreads are all natural, low calorie, vegan, and allergen free yet packed with potassium, fiber, vitamins. Isildur: Has the one ring The Ring: I'm about to end this man's whole career The ring betrayed Isildur from Reddit tagged as The Ring Meme. Here are my Wanna date isildur He's obviously a person of overwhelming influence in order to be able to keep so many people as he did faithful to the Valar.

I think Isildur was a man of power He was probably fine with the horney bitches ready fuck me now arrangement as long as his brother went along with things or, alternatively, as long as their father was alive. Anarion may have been strong in his own way, but happier when things were peaceful I suspect that Isildur was the 'senior partner' in the arrangement - but that they were both fine with this and worked well with it.

Otherwise, they would have likely had a 'falling-out' a la 'Romulus and Remus' rather than ruling together and growing their kingdom for almost years. Interesting about Minas Ithil falling before the Enemy I had only thought of that in geographic terms before Anarion actually fell near the end of the 7-year long seige of Wanna date isildur I think in year 6, when struck on the head with a stone thrown down from.

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If you can stand another Biblical reference, there's someone in there who's killed when a woman wanna date isildur a millstone from the wall of a city he's beseiging. Isildur had a very interesting life. I expect Anarion may have too, but we don't know as much about.

Anarion did succeed in holding the line against Sauron's forces for five long years while the armies of the north prepared to come down and crush Sauron with their Last Alliance. I suspect Isildur was the type canberra sex industry would succeed at all costs However, I think I would have been wanna date isildur to wanna date isildur Anarion as a friend.

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isiodur Great thoughts there, Val. You're right about Egypt having been divided into two wanna date isildur a northern and southern. However, their unification was not the peaceful one Aragorn managed to bring. The southern king, Mina, subdued the wanna date isildur kingdom by strength of arms and removed the capital of the unified kingdom to a more central place not Cairo.