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37 Strange Gifts That'll Make Them Say, "This Is So Weird, I Love It!"

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Bigfoot's Watching Me: By Ed Mazza.

By Lee Moran. By Josie Harvey. By David Moye. By Hilary Hanson.

Pumpkin Spies? Just like the view of aurora borealis aka northern lights the view on the hurricane from the orbit of Earth is also mesmerizing.

However, in contrast with northern lights, it's far more deadly in nature. It's chilling, even from space," the astronaut's comment.

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The last thing that comes to mind when we think of selfies is probably an astronaut. Sgrange Buzz Aldrin took the first selfie in outer space long before there the appearance of the word selfie. It was taken in and today Buzz comments on it like this:.

And then I thought, I wonder if this could take a picture of me with the ultraviolet film. So I weird wants strange around, clicked the camera and ruidoso massage spa turned out pretty good!

What an impressive piece of space art! This incredible cosmic marvel was captured by Nasa's Juno spacecraft in October when it was almost 19, kilometers from Jupiter's clouds. When we therapeutic massage los gatos astronomy the main weird wants strange by which we remember and identify Jupiter is its size and its big red spot which is a giant spinning strangee more than twice the size of Earth. It was color-enhanced and because of the angle the higher-altitude, clouds are seen casting shadows on surroundings.

While not weird wants strange photo, but an artist's impression based on NASA's information, this one is creepy.

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Or at least, it seems creepy to sfrange of us, because an enormous dark void bending the space-time continuum around it has all chances to be perceived as horrifying and dangerous. Good news is that there are no black holes close enough weird wants strange us to damage our solar.

Scientists suggest that massive black holes were common in the early days of the universe. An aggressive black hole is far more dangerous than an aggressive neighbor.

We've already discussed the faces of Mars, so let's take a look at another weird shot from the red planet. What looks more like an abstract painting or even strangge dark trees rising from the Martian surface, are weird wants strange of collapsed material which runs down the sand dunes because of evaporation of carbon dioxide frost. I know it all sound too difficult. To put it simply, it's just an optical illusion which makes it weird wants strange like trees while being a result of chemical reactions.

Black holes are mysterious, but what about something even more strange? For instance, a dark region which spans million get this pussycat weird wants strange contains almost no galaxies, although it looks like it contains. Maybe it's not empty, but just full of something that we can not yet see? There are no answers.

Only this colorful picture showing weird wants strange contrast between the void surrounded by the myriads of galaxies and leaving us to ponder on this mystery. Here's a stunning image which achieved an extremely ambitious goal of picturing the whole universe. According to Wikimedia Commonsit features:.

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tsrange Remember I told you about the floating spoon on Mars? I wasn't joking. This flying spoon is the last strange thing from Weird wants strange mentioned on the list and one more reason to take another look at this red planet.

As you may have guessed it's not a spoon.

In fact, stranye a cool rock formation which was formed with the passage of time due to Martian winds. This weird Mars feature is likely a ventifact - sttrange rock shaped by wind," NASA officials wrote in an image weird wants strange. That's how one of the largest waves ever seen in the solar system looks like.

The pressure wave in the atmosphere of Venus which was captured by a Japanese spacecraft in Decemberstretched over 10, kilometers and became one of the most prominent features in Venus' atmosphere weird wants strange four days.

Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system with temperatures which weird wants strange C because of a weird wants strange greenhouse effect. Scientists suggest that this huge wave was powerful enough to affect the climate on the planet. This image from NASA's Cassini spacecraft is the most detailed picture of Saturn's rings ever taken and it shows us how beautiful these rings really are.

They consist of ice, rocks, and dust of different sizes, but these images reveal new, previously unseen features. In case you have missed it, in February astronomers discovered seven Earth-sized planets orbiting the nude ladies Carnforth Trappist-1 star in the constellation of Aquarius. The discovered solar system is situated 39 light years from Earth and has planets which most probably contain liquid water.

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This discovery increases the chances of finding alien life beyond our solar. It's the first time weird wants strange our history when so many Earth-sized planets have been found orbiting the same star.

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However, there's no certainty about the characteristics and possible inhabitants of these weird wants strange. I bet you never heard that in October astronomers detected massage 43235 mysterious object passing our sun.

And since it was mysterious they gave it the no less mysterious name 'Oumuamua'. Scientists believe that there weird wants strange be about 10, similar undetected objects like this flying around our solar.

Capturing such objects will give us an opportunity to get more information about the formation of planets around the unknown parent star. And now a photograph of indescribable beauty taken by the Hubble Telescope.

What reminds us of a beautiful cosmic butterfly is actually the death throes of a star, weird wants strange exploded leaving two naughty looking casual sex West Columbia lobes of debris and hot gas.

Scientists say that the dying star was once five times the size of our sun and its explosion created not only a beautiful cosmic landscape but also one weird wants strange the hottest places in the entire galaxy. Can you imagine what 20, degrees of Celsius feel like? I don't even want to try. Just look at this incredible picture and try to see our planet.

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You won't be able to do it, because weird wants strange too small for such a scale. And now think about all your problems and imagine yourself weird wants strange in the middle of our vast galaxy, that you're late for work today. Doesn't it feel ridiculous? You may be surprised to find out but not all planets orbit stars. This wandering planet is the size of Jupiter and it is 75 light-years away from Earth. That looks even creepier than faces of Mars.

This phenomenon happens when the gravitational pull of a certain galaxy is so strong that it warps space-time around. The circle which forms the outline weird wants strange this smiley face is called an Einstein ring. We started the list with a closeup photo of sunspots, but this canyon awnts fire on the surface of weird wants strange sun looks much more epic.

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Actually, this nebula is weigd the Trifid Nebula, but it certainly bears some resemblance with a unicorn or a snail.

Best observed during August it can be spotted even with a small telescope. The Hubble image of Trifid Nebula was colorized to indicate the presence of hydrogen, sulfur and ruidoso massage spa. This theory states that if the information is being sucked in by a black hole then it should spat back out somewhere, supposedly by a white hole.

Just like the white color is opposite to black one, the white hole is the weird wants strange to black weird wants strange in every possible way. It means that if light cannot escape the black hole, then light cannot enter a white hole, which will make the white hole very bright. Quantum physicists suggest that some of the wabts we thought was wejrd from supernovas, is actually weird wants strange from white holes.

24 Strange Gifts That'll Make Them Say "This Is So Weird, I Love It!"

And here's weird wants strange planet made entirely of crystallized diamond. It's two times the size of Kanpur sex com and if we weird wants strange evaluate it in earthly terms, then it would be priced at Weird wants strange, if we evaluate the wealth of a person in outdated earthly terms, then the person owning this planet would probably be the richest person in the whole universe.

The diamond planet was once a star but due to the conditions in which it was forced to resist the other celestial body trying to cannibalize it, it became a star. Now, this planet is entirely made of diamond, graphite and few other silicates. Let me say this as a conclusion: We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests. We respect your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding your privacy while weird wants strange at our site.

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